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StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts®

Relational tools so that each person's bank of strengths works out better performance, engagement quality, service, sustainability.

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Learn About Community Involvement For Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Sandra A. Shelton

Connecting Today's And Tomorrow's Workforce

People and performance are partners to the bottom line. Productivity and success have always been about relationship over revenue, not the reverse. Who we are to each other is the first sustainable value a company has to offer.


Sandra's soundbite describes the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility strategy) created when business people learn, then, mentor with StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts®during high school advisories bi-monthly.


Sandra Shelton, BA,MEd.,CTACC - Thought Leaders: Workplace Engagement, Leadership Development, and CSR/EVP Strategic Planning Expert

No other speaker engages an audience with more flair and practical solutions for what sometimes seem perplexing people issues … (including all the generation "whatevers")!

Sandra's Special Story

You have not fully lived until you understand
why Sandra is often remembered as the “meat
lady” with "the cow story." If you have experienced
a presentation from her, you are smiling as you
recall her illustrative stories and perceptive humor
that continue to translate into your daily decisions,
actions, and strategies. You probably needed another
smile or helpful insight as you remembered just now.
Learning that includes her sense of humor continues
to make a difference! – Isn't it about time for Sandra's
practical wisdom for your group? Or, again?
Yeah, we thought so, too! Click here to set it up!


What are you and your company doing in the local community to give your workforce a chance to volunteer, to mentor teens (tomorrow's workforce) to the truth that at the core of every business issue is a relational WorkOut - (COMMUNICATION WorkOuts®) - a consistent work out for better, more productive relationships?

StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts®

For Effective Discourse, Engagement, and On-target Decision Making – StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts®

Relationships form the backdrop of success not only for each person but for the entirety of what an organization has to offer those it serves. The workplace that disregards the particular, individual focus for each of its employees and its customers, will fail and fall into the ignominy of being just another workforce of ill-prepared or disengaged workers. No level of the organization is exempt. However, with each person's unique plan or bank of strengths (StrengthBank®) in place and called upon and allowed to function at its highest success in inevitable. The StrengthBank® strategy in itself will prosper the individual and the organization, generate no insurmountable harm, and will give self-renewing hope and a future one by one and for the organization as a whole. With StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® in play life and organizations can go forward "on plan."

For the individual
Each of us has a bank of strengths and the ability to communicate for healthy relationships. That bank of strengths used as designed with its original "equipment" (COMMUNICATION WorkOuts®) becomes a productive workout for human relationships/connections/conversations. The design in place produces a readily accessible tool that benchmarks and guides each one's StrengthBank® to its efficient and effective best use.

For the organization
When StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® are used consistently to work out circumstances and arrange life with others, negative “people issues,” half-baked plans, and frenzied "busyness" behaviors dim in the light of higher productivity, creativity, and "on task" engagement. Without this bigger StrengthBank® vision of each life's purpose, one can easily lose interest and give up. Without this constant guide to encouragement and improvement, the focus on every day life becomes a cacophony of seemingly endless, trivial tasks. With the StrengthBank® vision firmly in place, not only does one soar to full capacity but also is engaged to lead and serve others in their pursuit of excellence, in their path of greatest potential.

The potential is to be part of a truly energized workforce that stands ready to blow the doors of the competition and create great competitive relationships at the same time. We all win because regardless of which team we are on, we collectively urge each other to higher standards. Think of it this way; at the end of every sports event, the opposing players not only shake hands but often have good friends on the "other side." At the end of the day, we are still Americans who are blessed by the freedom we have to love what we do for a living and still look ourselves in the mirror when we go home. The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness is lived in the capitalism that sustains it. We are part of something bigger than just "get a job and do something to make a living;" instead, we are taking an active, joyful part as did our forefathers to keep the bell of freedom ringing across the fruited plains and for future generations.

Principle Themes:
• Sense of humor is everything. Seeing the humor in everyday circumstances creates a strong, highly impactful platform to handle even the tough stuff that life throws our way, a high tolerance for human foibles. Life is too short for the dark "victim" mentality.
• Capitalize on a diverse, multi-generational workforce. When discovered and used as it was designed, StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® produce higher "on task" or engagement behaviors .
• COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® Work. Everyone ”works things out” mentally. StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® grids capture on paper relationship skill strategies that have previously been visible only to the mind's eye.
• Integrate all equipment for each bank of strengths. Personality styles are merely behaviors ("be[beings]havings") that showcase the heart of productivity. They are never the primary place to solve problems. Studying personality styles alone, that is, outside the "bank of strengths," and viewing them as a “cure-all“ for interpersonal skills leads to short-term, destructive manipulation rather than positive, productive communication.
• Time is a non-issue. Relationships are the core issue; when relationships are functional, time flies and things get done.
• It is never too late to connect to COMMUNICATION WorkOuts.® Connecting better relationally stimulates personal growth and always contributes to the greater good of not only the organization but also its customers and vendors.
• There is a plan! Each of us is designed to live confident and StrengthBank®-assured step-by-step, moment-by-moment, and relationship-by-relationship.
• Attitudes matter: Attitudes come from the heart and soul, not job titles and company benefit packa