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Sandra Shelton
She is the Real Deal: Practical, Inspiring,
Straightforward, Engaging, Funny

No other speaker engages an audience with more flair.
No other executive coach gets to the heart of the matter more effectively.
No other writer gives the reader more practical, immediately useable insight.

Some Audience Reviews about Sandra Shelton's presentations...
"Sandra shows excellent mastery of the subject... her enthusiasm is encouraging..." - Michael Bell, Federal Express, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Sandra was an outstanding speaker who not only enlightened me to be more aware of others' StrengthBank®s but also enabled me to better understand my own StrengthBank®." - V. Dean, Burger King, Parkersburg, PA

"Sandra made it happen - no let downs...she believes in it" -- Frank Conte, Memorial Care Hospital, Houston, TX

"Just excellent! Sandra succeeded in getting the attention [right up through] the very last minute." - Andre Lamon, Rosemont, Brussels, Belgium

"Sandra Shelton did her usual wonderful job. She got everyone's attention with her infectious personality and kept it throughout the session." - Roger Sherburn, Sanden International, Inc., Dallas, TX

"Sandra's presentation made me feel like there's another side to work...exciting and motivating, -Anna Maciocia, Sklar-Peppler, Inc., Oshawa, Ontario

"A good investment... truly an eye-opener!" - Nordic America Travel, Oslo,

"I enjoyed the class. Learned a different way to listen as compared to other listening courses that I've taken." - L. Jenkins, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

"I thought the topics and examples were very relevant for communicating in today's workplace. This seminar had a different approach from ones I have seen before. The speaker was energetic and seemed to have a genuine interest in what she was speaking about. - A. Perron, International Missions Board,

"...Just as good as yesterday! Loved the personality thing. A must for any manager. ...Every manager should hear this." - M. Nix, Fort Hood

"Absolutely superb presentation skills - best I've see anywhere among speakers. She's as good as [Zig] Ziglar, [Robert] Cavett and all the big names." - Bill Bethel, Keynote Speaker (30 years), Burlingame, CA

"The immediate enthusiasm was just the tip of the iceberg... Sandra's ideas have been the focal point of much of our strategic and tactical thinking... her ideas and presentation skills sparked a new sense of purpose and drive amongst our management team... that drive resulted in increased sales and operating productivity, heightening the enthusiasm. It's a s>lf-perpetuating phenomenon." - Willis L. Webb, National Healthcare Review, Inc., Woodlands Hills, CA

All presentations use StrengthBank® principles (The Ultimate People and Performance Upgrade) and are targeted for your organization, industry, and customer/client base.

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