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Learn About Community Involvement For Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy


Sandra A. Shelton

Speaker Who Motivates Strategies To Follow-Through Actions

People and performance are partners to the bottom line. Productivity and success have always been about relationship over revenue, not the reverse. Who we are to each other is the first sustainable value a company has to offer.


Sandra's soundbite describes the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility strategy) created when business people learn, then mentor with StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® during high school advisories bi-monthly.

AS A Professional ...

Sandra Shelton, MEd.,CTACC - Vistage Chair of Small Business CEO/Presidents Peer Advisory Group; CEO of Nonprofit StrengthBank Inc. Thought Leader: Workplace Engagement, Leadership Development, Service on Purpose™ and CSR/EVP Strategic Planning Expert

No other speaker engages an audience with more flair, humor, and practical solutions for what sometimes seem perplexing people issues … for all the generations!

Sandra's Special Story

If you have experienced a presentation from
Sandra Shelton, you are smiling as you recall it. No
doubt her illustrative stories, “animals,” and perceptive
humor continues to translate into your daily decisions,
actions, and strategies. Her unique perception is
memorable, a continuing source of thought provoking
motivation. Isn’t it time for an experience (or another)
with Sandra? Yeah, we thought so! You, your team,
organization, or community group could do with more
of her practical wisdom! Click here to set it up! - an event
to bring in Sandra, best of the best in making a lasting
impression, an indelible difference that keeps


What are you and your company doing in the local community to give your workforce a chance to volunteer, to mentor teens (tomorrow's workforce) to the truth that at the core of every business issue is a relational workout - (COMMUNICATION WorkOuts®) - a consistent workout for better, more productive relationships?

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