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StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts®

Relational tools so that each person's bank of strengths works out better performance, engagement quality, service, sustainability.

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StrengthBank® Mission and Vision

For more than 2 decades and over 2500 presentations in 15 countries Sandra’s ingenious StrengthBank® - where individual bank of strengths meets business needs for quality and service- is redefining how to achieve high engagement and productivity. Sandra calls the unique paradigm StrengthBank® “Communication WorkOuts®" to "work in" more engagement in work.”

By employing then communicating StrengthBank® to her audience, she engages and reaches people in a personal, humorous, and practical way. Individuals find themselves poised in real time to extend specific steps to the job tomorrow morning.

An additional benefit of the StrengthBank® Communication WorkOuts® is the ability to practice them at home, to and from work, and with colleagues - virtually anywhere there are human beings. The advantage of such a wide practice field is that with more opportunities to be practiced, the possibility is greater that StrengthBank® strategies can become a way of living every moment. What can follow regularly, then, is more positive communication with or to customers, vendors, and co-workers.

Sandra delights audiences and tells it like it is. When speaking from the platform, she has a personable, attraction factor that draws in even the most resistant participant. Her zest, enthusiasm, and high commitment are contagious as the unique StrengthBank® strategies bring organizations to a new level of engagement with employees (and customers) - still a high need according ongoing surveys from The Gallup Organization that say, “‘…actively disengaged‘” workers are costing US businesses $300 billion a year in productivity losses….”

A favorite quote from Sandra: “An organization becomes what it allows, more than that, encourages and supports its members to achieve individually and give back to the community it serves.” Extending the engagement skills to the upcoming generation of workers, Sandra serves as President/CEO for StrengthBank Inc. The nonprofit organization certifies volunteer business people to mentor high school youth: StrengthBank® for High Schools – A Relationship Skills Initiative. Not only is the youth mentoring a forward-looking public relations paradigm,it also benefits businesses by producing:
1. Better, more readily engaged pool of business new hires.
2. Better, creative business public relations and customer retention.
3. Better community assimilation
Each generation gives the next a hand up so that diversity, and multi-generational/cultural dimensions of life have been absorbed gracefully in a language of productive relationships.

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